The First 30 Days of FDK

As new educator teams prepare to embrace a brand new year in Full Day Kindergarten, various questions and uncertainties may come to mind; Will my new teaching partner and I work well together? What will the first day look like? How do I plan for purposeful learning? What will the flow of the day look… Continue reading The First 30 Days of FDK

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The Sandbox: Template #2

What did you hear last week? What did you notice? Here are some ideas to extend and provoke new learning! Evaluate your classroom and program, are the children still enjoying what was set out last week?  Where are the children engaged and learning? What learning areas are not being visited?  You do not have to… Continue reading The Sandbox: Template #2

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The Ball Maze In Action

In our most recent blog post, we shared with you a learning experience involving two boys planning to create a ball maze (link: Ball Maze Plan).  As an executive member of CAPE (Council of Associated Primary Educators- learn more about CAPE here), we choose this learning experience to highlight in CAPE's latest webinar: Demonstrating Literacy and Mathematics… Continue reading The Ball Maze In Action


Culture that Cares: School Environment

How do you see our Vision Statement in action in our school community? What does our vision statement look like  in action at St. Monica; Environment Bamboo dividers Light covers Dim lights Trees and plants Quiet cozy corner – tents Music, Meditation, Yoga Choice of seating – different levels of seating Natural colours (calming) Natural… Continue reading Culture that Cares: School Environment


Our Weather Inquiry and the Four Frames!

Our inquiry into weather began with a windy day outdoors in our Full Day Kindergarten backyard.  Windmills were placed in the garden for the children and provoked immediate curiosity and interest!            (PSI: SE 13.2-  make predictions and observations before and during investigations) Children began to watch the windmills daily, noticing… Continue reading Our Weather Inquiry and the Four Frames!

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The Full Day Kindergarten Weather Report- Evidence of the Four Frames

Since we began our inquiry into weather, each day a team of two or three children are chosen to take on the role of weather reporter.  Take a moment to watch the video below to see one team in action! This has been a big hit in our class! The children are so excited to… Continue reading The Full Day Kindergarten Weather Report- Evidence of the Four Frames